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Netsystem Solution (P) Ltd. was established in 2009 to provide services in the emerging information technology market in Nepal. The company has set goals to introduce new and innovative technology in the fields of wireless communication, Internet development and various other sevices.

Netsystem Solution distinguishes itself by proposing innovative approach to aid and develop information technology in Nepal. Netsystems has also extended its services to include Media and Advertising. The main focus is to implement Internet technology for advertisement of local and international products in Nepal. The company is pushing forward ideas on solutions that can provide media and advertising information through wireless technology. Netsystems has proven expertise in the field of publishing and graphic design. The company provides services in book designs including design of brochures and technical manuals.

Information technology and wireless communication market is continually expanding and demands for innovative and cost effective solutions are required. Netsystem Solution has prioritized its goals to meet immediate consumer demands. Current focus of the company is directed towards content development for mobile wireless applications and Internet technology development.